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Player Match APM
deeshoo 84
dybkim 167
HTea 148
Icehawk 57
00:12 [All] deeshoo: gl hf 00:26 [Allies] dybkim: I feel like going reapers 00:33 [Allies] deeshoo: do some kind of harass, ill try to set up a defensive line for us 02:11 [Allies] dybkim: reaper cross positions no bueno 02:17 [Allies] deeshoo: dont do it then :P 10:59 [Allies] dybkim: wow I killed like everything 11:10 [Allies] deeshoo: gj 11:10 [Allies] dybkim: that hellions had 30 kills 11:18 [All] HTea: one man army over there 11:21 [All] Icehawk: lol 12:22 [Allies] deeshoo: LOL 12:40 [All] Icehawk: mh 12:46 [All] deeshoo: called tower 12:49 [All] Icehawk: bs 12:53 [All] Icehawk: those units were warped in 12:55 [All] Icehawk: map hacked. 12:58 [All] dybkim: Lol. 13:01 [All] deeshoo: i saw it on my minimap 13:02 [All] deeshoo: qq 13:04 [All] deeshoo: check rp 13:06 [All] dybkim: watch replay. 13:12 [All] Icehawk: he already is 13:23 [All] dybkim: gg 13:26 [All] deeshoo: make sure you watch 1st personv iew 13:28 [All] Icehawk: nope 13:31 [All] deeshoo: and not "everybody" 13:34 [All] deeshoo: kthx 14:29 [All] deeshoo: if you want I'll pm you the exact time i saw your crap on my minimap 14:35 [All] Icehawk: map hack 14:36 [All] Icehawk: pos 14:41 [All] deeshoo: yeah k 14:46 [All] dybkim: report us 14:47 [All] dybkim: do it 16:02 [Allies] deeshoo: he's got a nexus somewhere 16:39 [All] deeshoo: did it ever occur to you 16:39 [Allies] dybkim: let's nuke it 16:40 [All] Icehawk: he watched replay 16:44 [All] deeshoo: if we had maphacks 16:52 [All] deeshoo: that we wouldnt have been hit by your stupid proxy pylons 16:58 [All] Icehawk: said that tower didn't see my warp in far as hell away 17:03 [All] deeshoo: i saw your stuff moving 17:05 [All] deeshoo: stop crying 17:09 [All] Icehawk: dude 17:09 [All] dybkim: report us! 17:11 [All] Icehawk: I am bronze 17:14 [All] Icehawk: and I got map hacked 17:17 [All] Icehawk: how pathetic is that 17:28 [All] dybkim: wat. 17:40 [All] deeshoo: are you a moron 17:40 [All] Icehawk: he also said 17:47 [All] Icehawk: you were looking in fog at our fronts 17:55 [All] deeshoo: LOL 17:58 [All] deeshoo: really? 18:03 [All] dybkim: did you even have anything there? 18:15 [All] Icehawk: I did yes 18:37 [All] dybkim: so you're bronze league? 18:40 [All] Icehawk: yes 18:43 [All] dybkim: cool 18:49 [All] deeshoo: okay 18:51 [All] deeshoo: think carefully 18:53 [All] deeshoo: use logic 18:56 [All] Icehawk: logic says 18:56 [All] deeshoo: and intelligence 18:58 [All] deeshoo: you used 19:00 [All] Icehawk: a man looks at fog of war 19:00 [All] deeshoo: proxy pylons 19:02 [All] Icehawk: at a base 19:03 [All] deeshoo: to warp at our junk 19:06 [All] Icehawk: why? 19:09 [All] Icehawk: why would he do that 19:10 [All] deeshoo: wouldnt he have spotted us 19:15 [All] Icehawk: replay @ 16 mins 19:23 [All] Icehawk: you are staring over zergs base 19:24 [All] Icehawk: red 19:29 [All] deeshoo: because i wanted to see his unit comp 19:29 [All] Icehawk: no obs 19:38 [All] deeshoo: because i wasnt watching my partner destroy you 19:40 [All] Icehawk: 1650 19:41 [All] Icehawk: also 19:44 [All] deeshoo: with a handful of hellions 19:45 [All] dybkim: look man, the important thing is 19:50 [All] dybkim: you're about to get annhiliated 20:02 [All] Icehawk: you also 20:04 [All] deeshoo: THINK ABOUT 20:06 [All] deeshoo: YOUR STUPID PYLONS 20:09 [All] deeshoo: AND HOW WE ALWAYS GOT HIT 20:10 [All] Icehawk: without sight 20:12 [All] deeshoo: goodness gracious 20:12 [All] Icehawk: you did a 180 20:15 [All] Icehawk: turned around 20:19 [All] Icehawk: and went to where I warped in 20:33 [All] deeshoo: because i have eyes 20:34 [All] Icehawk: no sound 20:37 [All] Icehawk: no sight 20:41 [All] deeshoo: i saw it 20:43 [All] deeshoo: jeez 20:51 [All] dybkim: you realize if we had maphack 20:56 [All] Icehawk: red does 20:56 [All] dybkim: your baneling bust would have never worked 20:58 [All] Icehawk: idk about blue 21:05 [All] Icehawk: idk if you do blue 21:06 [All] Icehawk: it was red 21:11 [Allies] dybkim: clearly he's my partner 21:15 [Allies] dybkim: so he would have known 21:16 [Allies] dybkim: and told me 21:20 [Allies] deeshoo: you're talking in allied chat 21:24 [All] dybkim: clearly he's my partner so he would have known 21:25 [All] deeshoo: get out of here, you're wasting your time 21:26 [All] dybkim: and would have told me 21:28 [All] dybkim: herpderp 21:39 [All] dybkim: anyways, feel free to report us 21:44 [All] Icehawk: not blue 21:45 [All] Icehawk: just red