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The Ruins of Tarsonis
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AppleOrchard 90
painTRAIN 101
fbNatelook 284
fbBigRed 76
00:05 [All] fbNatelook: gl hf 00:10 [All] fbBigRed: are you selling tickets? 00:11 [All] painTRAIN: facebook gang? 00:17 [All] fbNatelook: fudgebutts 00:17 [All] AppleOrchard: gl :D 00:21 [All] fbBigRed: fudgebutts 00:25 [All] fbBigRed: are you selling tickets/ 00:27 [All] painTRAIN: i sell tickets to fudgebutts 00:27 [All] fbNatelook: if we beat you guys we get 00:31 [All] fbNatelook: diamond 00:33 [All] fbNatelook: want to leave? 00:36 [All] painTRAIN: glgl 00:37 [All] fbBigRed: i want a ticket for one ride 00:44 [All] fbBigRed: on 00:44 [All] fbNatelook: jkjk 00:44 [All] fbBigRed: the 00:45 [All] fbBigRed: apin 00:46 [All] fbBigRed: train 00:57 [All] fbBigRed: pain train WOO WOO 01:00 [All] painTRAIN: it hurts the ass but is good for the soul 01:21 [All] AppleOrchard: mm i love ass 02:37 [All] painTRAIN: Yoda had a rape fetish with the padawans 02:44 [All] fbBigRed: true story? 02:45 [All] painTRAIN: he couldn't control it 02:54 [All] painTRAIN: but who could blame him, young anakin was YUM 02:57 [All] AppleOrchard: but he also had ed 03:09 [All] fbBigRed: WHERE ARE YOU GETTING THIS INFORMATION 03:12 [All] painTRAIN: Ya so he had to fist instead 03:24 [All] painTRAIN: he would "force" it in there 03:38 [All] fbBigRed: WOW 03:41 [All] fbBigRed: woah 03:42 [All] fbBigRed: wow 03:42 [All] fbBigRed: woah 03:44 [All] fbBigRed: woah 03:44 [All] fbBigRed: wow 04:28 [All] painTRAIN: STAY AWAY 09:12 [All] fbBigRed: those FFsa 09:20 [All] AppleOrchard: dat one base 09:27 [All] painTRAIN: Ttell me about it 09:27 [All] fbBigRed: dat double 6 pool 09:34 [All] AppleOrchard: 11 pool bro 09:45 [All] fbBigRed: ez 09:56 [All] AppleOrchard: youre sooo good 09:56 [All] fbBigRed: stop making star wars erotica 09:59 [All] fbBigRed: and play better 10:04 [All] painTRAIN: ahh 10:14 [All] painTRAIN: any tips? I mean you are GM ! 10:18 [All] fbBigRed: no 10:19 [All] fbBigRed: bronze 10:21 [All] fbBigRed: :D 10:21 [All] painTRAIN: oh :) 10:22 [All] fbNatelook: uhh 10:24 [All] painTRAIN: i'm copper 10:26 [All] painTRAIN: so still k 10:27 [All] fbBigRed: thanks though 10:35 [All] AppleOrchard: i'm wood 10:40 [All] fbBigRed: i have wood 10:42 [All] fbBigRed: after this win] 10:48 [All] AppleOrchard: I have wood haha 10:49 [All] painTRAIN: gg watch out for starwars raping you guys in the ass 10:50 [All] AppleOrchard: silly me