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Player Match APM
ProneToBone 51
Autopsy 47
AnXietY 75
Yishan 35
HaptiC 109
KingThor 36
00:10 [Allies] HaptiC: alright heres the plan 00:12 [Allies] HaptiC: dont fail 00:17 [Allies] HaptiC: in front of CEO 00:19 [Allies] HaptiC: of goddamn reddit 00:25 [Allies] HaptiC: got that KingThor? 00:31 [Allies] HaptiC: good. 00:33 [Allies] KingThor: yup 00:38 [All] HaptiC: glglg 00:50 [Allies] Yishan: ok, this plan sounds good 01:03 [All] ProneToBone: Soooooo safe right now 01:03 [Allies] HaptiC: Thanks :) 01:09 [All] HaptiC: NOT AGAINST THE CEO OF REDDIT! 01:12 [All] HaptiC: HOMIE 01:26 [All] ProneToBone: u don't get it bro 01:31 [All] HaptiC: NO TRUST 01:32 [All] HaptiC: YOU DONT 01:33 [All] HaptiC: GET IT 01:33 [All] HaptiC: :) 01:57 [All] ProneToBone: SWED 02:13 [All] ProneToBone: like S.W.E.D. 02:17 [All] HaptiC: T_T 05:58 [Allies] HaptiC: mass roach gogo 05:58 [Allies] HaptiC: ;) 06:12 [Allies] HaptiC: oh god 06:24 [All] HaptiC: oh god 06:48 [Allies] HaptiC: ALL THAT TEIR ONE 07:00 [Allies] HaptiC: OH LAWDY 07:35 [All] AnXietY: hows that working out..? 07:41 [All] HaptiC: a little less than good 08:18 [All] KingThor: well considering you are playing protoss, i guess you didnt have to try 09:14 [Allies] HaptiC: there on 1 base? 09:14 [Allies] HaptiC: o.o 09:22 [Allies] HaptiC: oh wow 09:27 [Allies] HaptiC: we could actually have this 10:58 [Allies] HaptiC: omg 11:05 [Allies] HaptiC: Nice job yishanb 11:08 [Allies] HaptiC: yishan! 11:19 [Allies] HaptiC: ahh 11:51 [Allies] HaptiC: imma push to kill 11:54 [Allies] HaptiC: good hold yishan! 12:47 [All] HaptiC: OH 12:47 [All] HaptiC: uh oh 14:34 [Allies] HaptiC: halp 14:35 [Allies] HaptiC: xD 14:44 [Allies] HaptiC: that vikings! 14:46 [Allies] HaptiC: tyty :) 16:19 [Allies] HaptiC: scan top left? :) 16:24 [Allies] HaptiC: and bottom right 16:27 [Allies] HaptiC: ty 16:32 [Allies] HaptiC: tyvm 16:39 [All] HaptiC: gg wpo 16:43 [All] HaptiC: Wp * 17:01 [All] HaptiC: you guys should go on /r/starcraft moar often <3 17:29 [Allies] HaptiC: You are in silver? You play so well 19:00 [All] HaptiC: my word 19:51 [Allies] HaptiC: hmm 19:53 [Allies] HaptiC: he appears 19:57 [Allies] HaptiC: to have a hidden base? 20:28 [Allies] Yishan: whew 20:33 [Allies] HaptiC: haha! :0 20:36 [Allies] HaptiC: ;) 20:38 [Allies] HaptiC: * 20:44 [Allies] HaptiC: located that barracks! 21:17 [All] HaptiC: gg wp sir 21:30 [All] HaptiC: ARE YOU SERIOUS 21:32 [Allies] HaptiC: ANGRY FACE 21:33 [Allies] Yishan: haha 21:36 [All] AnXietY: yup! 21:40 [Allies] Yishan: this is the real reason I made vikings 21:41 [All] ProneToBone: hahahahahahahahaha 21:43 [Allies] HaptiC: -building spire- 22:00 [Allies] HaptiC: haha, well the vikings did a good job shutting down the void rays too! 22:01 [Allies] HaptiC: ;) 22:11 [Allies] Yishan: that was luck. 22:24 [Allies] HaptiC: Well luck is how you win this game sometimes :) 22:24 [Allies] Yishan: nope, nothing in this corner.... 22:27 [Allies] HaptiC: haha 22:28 [All] HaptiC: xD 22:30 [All] AnXietY: nope! 22:44 [All] HaptiC: ARE YOU HACKING SIR? 22:50 [All] HaptiC: I will report you so fast! 22:51 [All] HaptiC: zoom 22:55 [All] HaptiC: OHH 22:58 [Allies] HaptiC: DAT OVERLORD 23:01 [All] HaptiC: pew pew 23:41 [Allies] HaptiC: sorry i controlled some of your stuff xD 23:45 [Allies] Yishan: no prob 24:01 [All] HaptiC: i hate when people take my stuff so I just thaught i'd apoligize xD 24:06 [Allies] Yishan: that's why I shared it. 24:08 [All] HaptiC: okie 24:09 [Allies] HaptiC: ;) 24:11 [Allies] Yishan: usually i can't fight and macro at the same time 24:14 [Allies] Yishan: but apparently i've gotten better. 24:22 [All] ProneToBone: hahaha hacking? naaa 24:25 [Allies] HaptiC: Yes sir! You play really well in my honest opinion 24:38 [Allies] HaptiC: found dat last factory 24:44 [All] HaptiC: HIDE AND SEEK IS OVER 24:45 [All] HaptiC: :) 24:50 [All] HaptiC: i hope. o.00 25:00 [Allies] Yishan: heh 25:17 [All] HaptiC: You are one mean person 25:30 [All] AnXietY: byte