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Fossil Quarry
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Player Match APM
Zanderdude 69
Sclythe 37
MikeHawk 42
liamjeff 43
Makana 43
Burninator 73
scott 21
00:09 [Allies] Zanderdude: plan? 00:12 [All] Zanderdude: gl hf 00:21 [Allies] Sclythe: wall 01:04 [Allies] Sclythe: ill go air 01:12 [Allies] Zanderdude: ill go marine 01:28 [Allies] MikeHawk: I'll go stalkers 01:41 [Allies] liamjeff: ill go rine and rauders 01:55 [Allies] liamjeff: dibs 09:14 [Allies] MikeHawk: Lots of cannons 09:16 [Allies] liamjeff: orange im coming to help attack 09:21 [Allies] MikeHawk: K 09:28 [Allies] liamjeff: im here 09:41 [Allies] MikeHawk: Let's go 10:05 [Allies] MikeHawk: Voids 10:17 [Allies] liamjeff: ya lots 10:25 [Allies] liamjeff: f 13:05 [Allies] liamjeff: orange build an army voids might come soon 13:48 [Allies] MikeHawk: I had to rebuild all my probes 16:00 [Allies] Sclythe: zander attack 16:12 [Allies] Zanderdude: i ned to build a base 16:17 [Allies] liamjeff: k 16:18 [Allies] Sclythe: we have to attack 16:31 [Allies] Zanderdude: i hav no min 16:44 [Allies] Sclythe: you dont need min to attack 17:04 [Allies] Zanderdude: 200 plz 17:38 [Allies] liamjeff: voids 17:49 [Allies] Sclythe: marines will dominate voids 18:23 [Allies] liamjeff: lets attck there expos 18:25 [Allies] Sclythe: go go 19:14 [Allies] liamjeff: scan somone 19:46 [Allies] Sclythe: scan 20:24 [All] Zanderdude: gg 20:32 [All] liamjeff: gg 21:34 [All] Burninator: gg