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00:21 [All] iNiPunisher: what the hell was that? 00:26 [All] xOscrible: no idea 00:29 [Allies] xOscrible: well fuck 00:33 [All] iNiPunisher: do you guys have a third person? 00:43 [Allies] xOscrible: no lol 00:44 [All] iNiLex: some1 save replay and send this to blizzard lol 00:46 [Allies] redfrogs: well 00:48 [Allies] redfrogs: wtf hahaha 01:18 [All] iNiPunisher: never seen anything tlike that 02:20 [Allies] redfrogs: how do you want to go about this? 02:23 [Allies] redfrogs: just try and macro and win? 02:26 [Allies] xOscrible: we will see 02:26 [Allies] xOscrible: ya 02:42 [Allies] redfrogs: rofl you took my base 03:40 [Allies] redfrogs: yeah 03:43 [Allies] redfrogs: i can only 1 base lol 04:09 [Allies] xOscrible: bleh nothing I could do 04:13 [All] redfrogs: gg 04:14 [All] redfrogs: :(