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00:05 [All] VampirA: gl hf 00:22 [All] thesnowflake: contrlling broods ++ infestor so much harder than mothership stalkers 00:26 [All] VampirA: well ya 01:40 [All] thesnowflake: maphacks? 01:45 [All] VampirA: I saw the creep 01:47 [All] VampirA: I scouted left 01:53 [All] thesnowflake: gl 02:01 [All] VampirA: well ya 02:02 [All] VampirA: Zerg 02:03 [All] VampirA: ez 02:15 [All] VampirA: get spines 02:16 [All] VampirA: Ez 03:12 [All] VampirA: ez 03:13 [All] VampirA: race 03:22 [All] thesnowflake: lucky i scouted it in time 03:36 [All] VampirA: well ya 04:52 [All] VampirA: ez 04:53 [All] VampirA: plz leave 05:57 [All] VampirA: gtfo 06:13 [All] VampirA: plz leave 06:14 [All] VampirA: you lost 06:43 [All] VampirA: ez 06:56 [All] VampirA: So bad 07:22 [All] VampirA: God youre so bad 07:42 [All] VampirA: overlord dead 07:44 [All] VampirA: mad bro 08:11 [All] VampirA: Howd you get so bad at this game 08:24 [All] VampirA: ez 08:34 [All] VampirA: nice watching 09:20 [All] VampirA: e 09:22 [All] VampirA: z 10:20 [All] VampirA: ez 10:26 [All] thesnowflake: what u lost stsalker for cancel 10:29 [All] VampirA: lolol 10:30 [All] VampirA: mad bro 11:11 [All] VampirA: id go roach infestor 11:14 [All] VampirA: Or roach hydra 11:15 [All] VampirA: Ez strat 13:08 [All] VampirA: ez 13:18 [All] VampirA: So bad 14:00 [All] thesnowflake: ez 14:04 [All] VampirA: god youre bad 14:08 [All] VampirA: terrible 15:01 [All] VampirA: ez 15:36 [All] VampirA: god youre bad 15:57 [All] VampirA: how u get so bad 16:30 [All] VampirA: Baddy 16:32 [All] VampirA: get better 16:33 [All] VampirA: Or try 16:53 [All] VampirA: ez 17:12 [All] VampirA: ez 17:21 [All] VampirA: trash noob 17:58 [All] VampirA: ez 18:05 [All] VampirA: so bad 19:00 [All] VampirA: zerg is ez pz 19:05 [All] VampirA: By far the noob race 20:05 [All] VampirA: ez 20:18 [All] VampirA: lol gglords 20:20 [All] VampirA: I play zerg bud 20:22 [All] VampirA: Youre terrible 20:25 [All] thesnowflake: beat u 20:27 [All] VampirA: You almost lost to someone who doesnt play toss 20:28 [All] VampirA: So bad 20:31 [All] VampirA: NA masters trash, gg