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Fossil Quarry
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00:08 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: lockdown 00:14 [All] lincePR: reapers 00:14 [All] GoGeTTeR: oh cmon 00:14 [All] XxwilliamxX: wow 00:16 [All] lincePR: ers 00:17 [Allies] lincePR: watch out for reapers 00:26 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: kk 00:34 [All] PANsatyrLedr: glhf 01:38 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: 2 zerg! 02:30 [Allies] lincePR: k 02:45 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: repair 02:56 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: repair! 03:00 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: i am u inbred 03:21 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: gw 04:00 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: no worms please 05:11 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: ty 05:49 [Allies] lincePR: we have to hurry 05:59 [Allies] lincePR: going 06:05 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: phenix on way 06:26 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: there no worries 06:28 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: we need to safly expo! 06:32 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: letsmove 07:29 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: rdy to go here in next few mins 08:21 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: nitas 08:29 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: gg 09:42 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: move your crap plz yellow 09:55 [Allies] lincePR: control every one 11:19 [Allies] lincePR: close 12:35 [Allies] lincePR: we need to attack 12:45 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: copy that 12:46 [All] XxwilliamxX: retard all that kid void rays up lol 13:06 [Allies] PANsatyrLedr: and I nuked em 14:35 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: repair 15:27 [Allies] lincePR: lets go 16:20 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: yall rdy? 16:26 [Allies] lincePR: going 16:56 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: you said lets go... where is everyone? 17:58 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: we need to work together..... 18:09 [Allies] lincePR: they weak now 18:16 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: so arewe 18:21 [Allies] lincePR: lol 19:52 [Allies] PANsatyrLedr: ty 20:54 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: help him 22:03 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: rdy again? 22:07 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: almostr 22:16 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: im maxed 22:31 [Allies] JTIIHWBD: i got ups and almost maxed we need to work together 22:31 [Allies] lincePR: their 23:21 [Allies] lincePR: lets go 23:31 [All] veGGietales: lol jeese just leave 23:34 [Allies] lincePR: together 23:35 [All] veGGietales: geese 24:28 [Allies] lincePR: gogo 24:46 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: rebuilding also 25:00 [Allies] lincePR: gogo 25:53 [Allies] GoGeTTeR: gg guys 26:18 [Allies] lincePR: gogo 26:51 [All] veGGietales: you guys suck i stalled forever my allys were no help