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Nerazim Crypt
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BOTinzaneone 84
ClashNaNViKi 170
00:11 [All] DTATK: gah im mad about that last game >< 00:12 [All] inzaneone: great going against mr reverse allkill 00:18 [All] ePValkyrie: thank u :D 00:18 [All] Venser: happens 00:27 [All] inzaneone: oh no thank you 00:27 [All] ePValkyrie: i'm still happy right now lol 00:32 [All] DTATK: yea, my greed in this game loses me a lot of games haha 00:37 [All] Venser: he's just started to go early bio pressure vs toss 01:12 [All] DTATK: normally i 2 gate expo with 4 units on the field 01:14 [All] DTATK: not 1 01:25 [All] DTATK: i dont know what compelled me lol 02:14 [All] DTATK: omg its got the shroud like on worldship 02:29 [All] xNInferNO: dtatk..you couldve held that.. 02:38 [All] xNInferNO: your ff were a little off 02:44 [All] xNInferNO: he went 4 rax..so it was tough 02:48 [All] DTATK: havent played much recently 02:48 [All] xNInferNO: tho 03:01 [All] DTATK: and my micro sucks in the first place lol 03:15 [All] xNInferNO: sentries = Protoss... 03:17 [All] xNInferNO: lol 03:24 [All] Venser: pft 03:32 [All] Venser: sentries 4 noobz 03:35 [All] Venser: xD 03:39 [All] DTATK: i usually play that double forge style 03:45 [All] DTATK: or templar expand 03:50 [All] ePLocust: ooh sneaky sneaky 03:51 [All] DTATK: what in the hell.... 04:01 [All] Venser: i thought it was gonna be 6 gate blink +2 timings 04:16 [All] Venser: or zealot archon 04:17 [All] xNInferNO: nahh 7 gate blink 04:19 [All] xNInferNO: +2 04:20 [All] xNInferNO: ;p 04:22 [All] xNInferNO: with obs 04:26 [All] ePLocust: you don't wanna do templar until 3 base i was told cause you can't afford both ht's and stalkers 04:28 [All] Venser: sorry your gosu'ness 04:33 [All] Venser: lol 04:48 [All] DTATK: yea, i usually cut stalker on 2 base ht 04:56 [All] DTATK: zealot with charge ht archon a few stalkers 05:01 [All] Utopia: suicidelord 05:21 [All] DTATK: no vision, o no 05:45 [All] DTATK: green should jsut go 05:46 [All] DTATK: now 05:47 [All] xNInferNO: giving up a free win... 05:49 [All] DTATK: or back off 06:01 [All] DTATK: plenty of room behidn mins 06:35 [All] xNInferNO: valk fucked up? 06:39 [All] xNInferNO: z should always have towers imo 06:41 [All] xNInferNO: lolz 06:41 [All] ePLocust: ? 06:42 [All] DTATK: greens needs to expand really soon 06:49 [All] Venser: valk drinking lol 06:50 [All] Utopia: towers dont even matter in this map 06:55 [All] ePLocust: he's probably had a little bit too much 06:57 [All] xNInferNO: sweett samee 07:02 [All] ePLocust: but he's still pro 07:14 [All] Utopia: all towers do in this map is let you see other towers 07:26 [All] DTATK: and the entire center movement ring 07:58 [All] xNInferNO: super duper late lair 09:05 [All] DTATK: keep pushign z 09:49 [All] DTATK: lol bling at t's natural 10:49 [All] DTATK: red needs more drones 12:24 [All] DTATK: why is t breaking those rocks - it only hinders him ?? 12:53 [All] xNInferNO: does it matter? 13:03 [All] xNInferNO: ling/roach should never win a late game 13:10 [All] xNInferNO: he's outclassed 13:17 [All] DTATK: nah, i just try to think while i watch - this game should have ended 3 times already 13:26 [All] Killerhands: O.O 13:57 [All] Utopia: if i was nada, i would just make 200 banelings over and over 13:58 [All] inzaneone: guess ur keyboard is broke 14:07 [All] inzaneone: the r button is stuck 14:13 [All] ePValkyrie: hmm i c