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Mode 52
KOSBooRadley 159
Nick 105
Magnaborg 260
Vylentborg 69
Arkaeusborg 79
00:40 [All] Mode: glglglglglglglq 00:55 [All] Arkaeusborg: Is that the sound you make while sucking dick? 01:03 [All] Mode: why yes it is yum 01:06 [All] KOSBooRadley: nope its GULULULULULL 01:29 [All] KOSBooRadley: whats urs? 01:34 [All] Mode: the q is important ;) 20:16 [All] Nick: guys guys 20:22 [All] Nick: thanks for the bj 20:26 [All] Nick: it was great 20:28 [All] KOSBooRadley: gg