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Entombed Valley
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Player Match APM
ImGetinRushd 50
Rocktobot 75
15:12 [All] ImGetinRushd: micro that shit 15:19 [All] Rocktobot: ? 15:30 [All] Rocktobot: oh lol 17:32 [All] ImGetinRushd: micro man 17:50 [All] Rocktobot: wtf that mean?> 17:59 [All] ImGetinRushd: ur micro man 18:04 [All] Rocktobot: how? 18:32 [All] Rocktobot: ? 18:37 [All] Rocktobot: how am i micro man? lol 18:45 [All] ImGetinRushd: u know what micro means right? 18:51 [All] ImGetinRushd: obviously no 18:54 [All] Rocktobot: yeah, but how am i micro man 19:20 [All] ImGetinRushd: ur quickness w/trops...cuh 19:24 [All] ImGetinRushd: duh 19:25 [All] ImGetinRushd: gg 19:28 [All] Rocktobot: gg