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District 10
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Player Match APM
KernelKurtz 227
OPEC 115
HarrisLam 61
Exira 70
FreeFood 148
FunkyFresh 48
aipom 52
AnnaKendrick 154
00:22 [Allies] Exira: i will help wall middle 00:27 [Allies] KernelKurtz: kk thanks 00:30 [Allies] KernelKurtz: eveyrone else? 00:33 [Allies] KernelKurtz: pls wall 02:18 [Allies] KernelKurtz: wut 02:21 [Allies] HarrisLam: hpow about we rush 02:23 [Allies] KernelKurtz: must be another z 02:27 [Allies] KernelKurtz: or someone took thecenter 02:30 [Allies] cVoOPEC: i'm geting fast dts 02:34 [Allies] HarrisLam: lets just rush them 02:39 [Allies] KernelKurtz: sounds good 02:43 [Allies] KernelKurtz: i'll have lots of lings 02:49 [Allies] cVoOPEC: scout 03:55 [Allies] KernelKurtz: 2z at least 03:58 [Allies] HarrisLam: green not gonna rush with us? 05:03 [Allies] HarrisLam: im ready 05:09 [Allies] HarrisLam: wow you scared me 05:11 [Allies] cVoOPEC: dts out 05:14 [Allies] KernelKurtz: lez go 05:42 [Allies] KernelKurtz: omw 07:30 [Allies] KernelKurtz: getting mutas 09:18 [Allies] KernelKurtz: wtf 09:25 [Allies] cVoOPEC: ha 10:04 [Allies] HarrisLam: coming 10:14 [Allies] cVoOPEC: snipe the obs if you can 10:31 [Allies] KernelKurtz: wtf guys 10:33 [Allies] KernelKurtz: no units 10:38 [Allies] cVoOPEC: why not snipe the obs plz 11:36 [All] FreeFood: you bitches got no game on us 12:36 [All] FreeFood: btich you suck 12:43 [All] FreeFood: orange you suck balls 12:52 [All] AnnaKendrick: it's bulgogi 12:54 [All] FreeFood: fuck you orange 12:57 [All] FreeFood: fuck your balls 13:03 [All] HarrisLam: why all that trash talk against me? 13:11 [All] FreeFood: caus your balls suck 13:11 [All] HarrisLam: what did i do to you? 13:21 [All] HarrisLam: and how would you know? 13:21 [All] FreeFood: i todl you 13:25 [All] FreeFood: your balls suck 13:48 [All] FreeFood: your think your soo cool with yhe pheix 13:51 [All] FreeFood: this nigga drunk 13:58 [All] FreeFood: your suck balls 14:03 [All] FreeFood: big balls 14:57 [All] FreeFood: come at me bro with your dick sucking mouth 17:17 [All] FreeFood: raise that mother fucvker 17:50 [Allies] HarrisLam: they hav eno base? 19:13 [Allies] HarrisLam: deal with that 19:15 [Allies] HarrisLam: he has no base 19:17 [Allies] HarrisLam: kill him and we win 19:53 [Allies] HarrisLam: dude 21:09 [Allies] cVoOPEC: now that was a good win 21:18 [All] aipom: gg 21:24 [All] Exira: yeah 21:29 [All] FunkyFresh: G TO THE MUTHA FUKIN G 21:34 [Allies] Exira: mu reapers man