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Cloud Kingdom LE
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Player Match APM
EGThorZaIN 169
TargA 237
00:07 [All] TargA: glgl 00:09 [All] EGThorZaIN: hf 01:53 [All] TargA: can i get like 1k viewers from you please? 02:00 [All] EGThorZaIN: :< 02:34 [All] TargA: winners gets the other ones viewers 02:49 [All] EGThorZaIN: i think that is -ev 02:53 [All] EGThorZaIN: for me 02:56 [All] TargA: no way 03:04 [All] EGThorZaIN: ive got a hunch about it 03:09 [All] TargA: mate 03:16 [All] TargA: my viewers are more valuable than yours 50:29 [All] TargA: thank you 57:37 [All] TargA: sick in the dick 57:48 [All] EGThorZaIN: something like that yeah 58:49 [All] EGThorZaIN: just found 1k gas 58:51 [All] EGThorZaIN: at my natural 58:54 [All] TargA: no 60:14 [All] TargA: gg wp mister