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Shakuras Plateau
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Player Match APM
Sabaka 194
RedDragon 88
01:28 [All] RedDragon: wat r u gonna do proxy? 01:32 [All] Sabaka: ... 01:39 [All] Sabaka: can a nigga scout 01:45 [All] RedDragon: dude i have 14 scv's 01:50 [All] RedDragon: what are u scouting 01:51 [All] RedDragon: lol 01:53 [All] Sabaka: gas? 02:03 [All] RedDragon: i barely had enough 02:05 [All] RedDragon: for barrach 02:12 [All] RedDragon: baracks* 02:13 [All] Sabaka: play the game 08:20 [All] Sabaka: gg 08:20 [All] RedDragon: gg