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Ohana LE
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Player Match APM
Dissonance 379
iMpSamson 154
00:18 [All] iMpSamson: whos your friend? 00:34 [All] iMpSamson: is this the one you told me about? the gay one with 7 cats ? 00:34 [All] Dissonance: a p who wants to learn how to beat z 00:35 [All] Dissonance: :P 00:39 [All] Dissonance: ofc 00:53 [All] iMpSamson: what build does he want to see me beat you with? 00:54 [All] iMpSamson: heuyeheheheh 01:09 [All] Dissonance: the only probe one 01:13 [All] iMpSamson: kk 01:16 [All] iMpSamson: ON IT BOSS 01:19 [All] Dissonance: imba unit 01:22 [All] iMpSamson: shields? 01:23 [All] iMpSamson: wtf op 01:25 [All] Dissonance: ye 03:20 [All] iMpSamson: GAY 03:23 [All] Dissonance: lol 12:36 [All] Dissonance: gg