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WCS Daybreak LE
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Player Match APM
Illogic 119
Pneumothorax 185
00:56 [All] Illogic: my main problem, really, is that I beat myself up about losses 00:58 [All] Illogic: wayyy too much 01:01 [All] GGPneumo: I do the same 01:04 [All] GGPneumo: I go on tilt so bad :p 01:20 [All] Illogic: its just, I don't feel like I've learnt shit from a loss 01:24 [All] Illogic: and that bugs the crap out of me 01:31 [All] GGPneumo: yeah, it's really hard to get where you're going wrong sometimes 01:49 [All] GGPneumo: some people just get lucky, which annoys me 02:05 [All] Illogic: ah I've always said that luck is for those who want to believe that winning happens by accident 02:10 [All] Illogic: sweat is for those who know the difference 02:29 [All] Illogic: but then again I'm losing so who am I for platitudex 02:32 [All] Illogic: *platitudes 28:28 [All] Illogic: gg