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Cloud Kingdom LE
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fLcQuix 229
JustSaiyan 223
00:08 [All] Quix: lol i just said 00:11 [All] Quix: i just matched whodat 00:17 [All] Quix: and my friends were all like 00:17 [All] Quix: whodat 00:20 [All] Quix: glhf 00:23 [All] WhoDat: ;D 00:26 [All] WhoDat: gl hf 00:41 [All] WhoDat: me and my friends were talking about artosis getting trolled 00:45 [All] Quix: hm 00:47 [All] WhoDat: and slayers boner 00:55 [All] WhoDat: then one of my friends plays vs him 00:58 [All] WhoDat: on ladder lol 01:21 [All] WhoDat: all those wierd twitter names 01:26 [All] WhoDat: that artosis had to read 16:00 [All] WhoDat: gg