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Daybreak LE
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nickyboy 212
PaulB 94
00:05 [All] PaulB: hi baby gl hf 00:07 [All] nickyboy: glhf 00:18 [All] PaulB: babycakes 00:19 [All] PaulB: <3 00:39 [All] nickyboy: ♥ 00:50 [All] PaulB: WIsh I had a numpad, I'd make real hearts for you :) 00:57 [All] nickyboy: lolol 02:35 [All] PaulB: :/ 02:45 [All] nickyboy: \: 03:41 [All] PaulB: you're comitting to that? 03:55 [All] nickyboy: not as much as you are i see 04:21 [All] PaulB: not exactly 04:27 [All] nickyboy: yep 04:33 [All] nickyboy: you basically lose 04:33 [All] PaulB: 300 mions 04:36 [All] PaulB: lol k 04:47 [All] nickyboy: i do this literally every game trust me 04:50 [All] PaulB: k 07:17 [All] nickyboy: fuck 07:18 [All] nickyboy: zealots 07:20 [All] nickyboy: :( 07:29 [All] nickyboy: uh oh 07:34 [All] PaulB: you're such a douche 07:36 [All] nickyboy: i shouldnt have commited :'( 07:56 [All] nickyboy: you were first 07:59 [All] nickyboy: tho 08:01 [All] PaulB: how so 08:03 [All] PaulB: i asked a simple question 08:05 [All] PaulB: get a life kid 08:09 [All] nickyboy: "are you really commiting to that?" 08:15 [All] PaulB: i was honestly surprised 08:30 [All] nickyboy: you dismissed my proposal for you to leave 08:33 [All] nickyboy: as if it was nothing 09:08 [All] PaulB: ROFL 09:16 [All] PaulB: g1 09:31 [All] nickyboy: oops 09:47 [All] nickyboy: silly me 10:02 [All] PaulB: good thing your race is ez 10:20 [All] PaulB: 1 unit all game 10:28 [All] nickyboy: thats what happens 10:36 [All] PaulB: so much talent