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Newkirk District
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LewisKiniski 97
GTLChase 128
00:17 [All] GTLChase: glhf 00:22 [All] LewisKiniski: glgl 10:13 [All] GTLChase: you're really good 10:19 [All] LewisKiniski: i disagree 10:24 [All] LewisKiniski: really cool attack tho dood 10:27 [All] LewisKiniski: :D 10:38 [All] GTLChase: my two rax faile dtoo badly to try and expand 10:40 [All] LewisKiniski: wat is that? 10:45 [All] LewisKiniski: ad libbed? 10:49 [All] GTLChase: tried 10:52 [All] GTLChase: works sometimes 10:53 [All] LewisKiniski: :) 11:00 [All] GTLChase: you're too good though 11:04 [All] LewisKiniski: ty :) 11:20 [All] LewisKiniski: respect to u2 11:52 [All] GTLChase: :( 12:38 [All] GTLChase: yea gg