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Daybreak LE
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AceGeneral 234
IlllllIIIlll 196
00:07 [All] iLoveAce: gl hf 00:14 [All] iloveMKP: glgl 00:18 [All] iLoveAce: why are you playing zerg? 00:23 [All] iloveMKP: just to practice 00:27 [All] iloveMKP: see the weaknesses 00:46 [All] iloveMKP: one thing 00:47 [All] iLoveAce: one sec 00:47 [All] iloveMKP: yeah 00:47 [All] iLoveAce: gogo? 00:47 [All] iLoveAce: ready? 00:47 [All] iloveMKP: ok ready 00:47 [All] iloveMKP: need to change a hot key 02:07 [All] iloveMKP: if you want decent practice just dont mech 02:13 [All] iLoveAce: i don't mech 02:15 [All] iLoveAce: nyways 02:17 [All] iLoveAce: bad at it 02:25 [All] iloveMKP: cuz i cant beat it 17:17 [All] iloveMKP: gg