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Player Match APM
Rooster 29
Rahvin 25
AnCiX 66
Daedalus 38
Coxinelle 16
BTNColNick 59
falkenjeff 33
Gosu 57
00:06 [All] falkenjeff: rooster stop the lag 00:53 [Allies] falkenjeff: anyone going to help me rush the zerg? 01:20 [Allies] BTNColNick: k 01:35 [Allies] Gosu: kk i will 01:37 [Allies] Gosu: i make zeals 01:39 [Allies] Gosu: we hit fast 01:48 [Allies] falkenjeff: im going very soon 01:56 [Allies] Gosu: maybe in 2 mins 01:58 [Allies] Gosu: we go 02:00 [Allies] BTNColNick: cant hold it? gotta blow it? hahaha 02:16 [Allies] Gosu: dayum 02:18 [Allies] falkenjeff: i'm going now :P 02:27 [Allies] BTNColNick: now i gotta cut workers 03:05 [Allies] Gosu: i coming 03:14 [Allies] BTNColNick: omg 03:17 [Allies] BTNColNick: l2 control 03:47 [Allies] falkenjeff: killt he spine crawler! 03:53 [Allies] BTNColNick: back out 04:04 [Allies] falkenjeff: orange go, while they focus on the other side 04:17 [Allies] BTNColNick: yeah if youd hold it in your pants we wouldnt be doing this bad now 04:17 [Allies] Gosu: gogogog 04:32 [Allies] falkenjeff: their zerg is building spine crawlers 04:35 [Allies] falkenjeff: thats like... bad 04:51 [Allies] Gosu: this was horrible 04:53 [Allies] Gosu: you should have wait 04:55 [Allies] Gosu: goddamnit 05:07 [Allies] falkenjeff: let them waste their minerals on cannons, just make siege 05:17 [Allies] falkenjeff: i scared them :P 05:17 [Allies] Gosu: thats retarded 05:18 [Allies] BTNColNick: and you have nothing going on, no follow up 05:24 [Allies] Gosu: agreed organge 05:25 [Allies] BTNColNick: you have like 10 drones 05:26 [Allies] BTNColNick: and a pool 05:39 [Allies] falkenjeff: I was hoping my spines would finish in his base 05:44 [Allies] falkenjeff: it only works in 1v1 i guess 05:50 [Allies] BTNColNick: yeah and next time make them as soon as you can not after your lings die 05:52 [Allies] BTNColNick: jesus 05:54 [Allies] BTNColNick: timing 06:06 [Allies] falkenjeff: I sent the drones in before the lings.... 06:09 [Allies] falkenjeff: what are you smoking? 06:14 [Allies] BTNColNick: i know 06:16 [Allies] BTNColNick: and the drones sat there 06:17 [Allies] falkenjeff: all 4 of them teamed up on my spines :P 06:18 [Allies] Gosu: okay lets just stop bitching and play 06:24 [Allies] BTNColNick: i was watching your horrible attack 06:38 [Allies] falkenjeff: spines were building before lings went in 06:42 [Allies] BTNColNick: no 06:44 [Allies] BTNColNick: they werent 06:45 [Allies] falkenjeff: yes 06:46 [Allies] BTNColNick: we both know that 06:50 [Allies] Coxinelle: shh 06:50 [Allies] BTNColNick: shut your mouth you bad 06:51 [Allies] Coxinelle: play the game 06:52 [Allies] Gosu: he means 06:54 [Allies] falkenjeff: dont make me quit and watch the replay 06:56 [Allies] Gosu: they WERE building 06:58 [Allies] falkenjeff: just to prove you wrong 06:59 [Allies] Gosu: not finished 07:02 [Allies] BTNColNick: lol 07:04 [Allies] BTNColNick: k 07:16 [Allies] BTNColNick: ill put your economy to some use 07:22 [Allies] BTNColNick: leave 07:28 [Allies] Coxinelle: stop it 07:28 [Allies] Gosu: guys 07:28 [Allies] falkenjeff: I kill all my stuff before i leave 07:33 [Allies] BTNColNick: ahahaha 07:36 [Allies] Coxinelle: shut the fuck up and play the game 07:39 [Allies] Gosu: stop being pussys 07:41 [Allies] Gosu: play 07:43 [Allies] Gosu: jesus 07:50 [Allies] falkenjeff: leave Jesus out of it 07:58 [Allies] falkenjeff: learn some English so you don't have to use his name 07:58 [Allies] BTNColNick: he isnt real. 08:07 [Allies] Coxinelle: would you guys just stop 08:08 [All] Gosu: i have a masters in english 08:09 [All] Gosu: ,3 08:12 [All] Gosu: so please 08:12 [Allies] Coxinelle: my god. past your bedtime? 08:13 [Allies] BTNColNick: lol 08:14 [All] Gosu: know you're place 08:18 [Allies] Coxinelle: same team, shush 08:31 [Allies] BTNColNick: we got a hardcore christian in here 08:31 [Allies] Coxinelle: okay you do not have a masters in english if you just used the wrong 'your' 08:32 [Allies] falkenjeff: if you have a masters in English, why do you use His name like that? 08:47 [Allies] Gosu: because i am a heathen 08:47 [Allies] falkenjeff: There's millions of other things you can say without involving God 08:50 [Allies] Coxinelle: shut up 08:53 [Allies] Coxinelle: shut up shut up shut up 08:55 [Allies] BTNColNick: God doesnt exist. 08:57 [Allies] BTNColNick: deal with it 09:01 [Allies] Gosu: okie dokie 09:05 [Allies] falkenjeff: I know he exists 09:12 [All] Coxinelle: please come kill my team. they're annoying the shit out of me 09:22 [All] falkenjeff: I wont fight back 09:22 [All] Gosu: agreeded 09:25 [All] falkenjeff: kill me last 09:27 [Allies] BTNColNick: hahaha 09:30 [All] Rahvin: ya we hear apparently someone has a masters in english 09:33 [Allies] BTNColNick: im better than any of you and you all know it 09:33 [All] Gosu: i bad grammer 09:41 [All] Coxinelle: and jesus plays starcraft or some shit 09:42 [All] Gosu: i fob dick sukka 10:39 [Allies] Gosu: lets hit 10:52 [Allies] BTNColNick: hey caIIou..... why dont you do something useful 11:05 [Allies] Gosu: lets go 11:05 [Allies] BTNColNick: aww how cute 11:09 [Allies] Coxinelle: did you just completely fuck up my name? 11:18 [Allies] BTNColNick: talking to christian pussy here 11:29 [Allies] BTNColNick: who is killing my base like a pansy 11:36 [Allies] Coxinelle: oh come the fuck on 11:36 [Allies] BTNColNick: cause he cant face facts that god isnt real 11:37 [Allies] BTNColNick: hahaha 11:39 [Allies] Coxinelle: are you serious 11:45 [Allies] Coxinelle: you must be joking 11:46 [Allies] Gosu: this is a fucking hilarious game 11:46 [All] falkenjeff: orange is trolling me 11:50 [Allies] Coxinelle: take your god and shove it up your ass 11:54 [Allies] Coxinelle: because he's right, god isn't real 11:58 [Allies] Coxinelle: but i was trying to keep the peace 12:05 [Allies] Coxinelle: you religious zealot asshole 12:13 [Allies] falkenjeff: he should have kept his mouth shut 12:18 [Allies] BTNColNick: cute 12:20 [Allies] falkenjeff: I believe what I believe, and so does he 12:22 [Allies] Coxinelle: take your god and jesus and shove them up your ass 12:23 [All] Gosu: God should have done it 12:26 [Allies] falkenjeff: but I didn't say he was wrong 12:34 [Allies] Coxinelle: you're all idiots 12:39 [All] Rahvin: amen 12:41 [Allies] Coxinelle: cept you pink 12:46 [Allies] Gosu: kk 12:47 [Allies] Gosu: i fob 12:50 [Allies] Gosu: suckadick chicken 13:20 [Allies] BTNColNick: just attack 13:21 [Allies] BTNColNick: fuck it 13:24 [Allies] Gosu: lets go 13:26 [Allies] Gosu: finally 13:35 [Allies] BTNColNick: let temper tantrum here pray to invisible man 13:46 [All] Gosu: that is a good novel 13:54 [Allies] BTNColNick: in the fiction section 14:09 [Allies] Coxinelle: green 14:12 [Allies] Coxinelle: i am going to find you 14:21 [Allies] Coxinelle: and beat you with a fucking bible 14:27 [Allies] BTNColNick: i got Iceflick finding his house right now. 14:28 [All] Gosu: LOL 14:29 [Allies] Coxinelle: and then i'm going to piss on it. and you. 14:32 [Allies] BTNColNick: He'll be dealt with 14:34 [All] Gosu: THIS HELLA FUNNY 14:43 [Allies] falkenjeff: iceflick? 14:44 [All] Gosu: green, this is the work of the devil 14:50 [Allies] BTNColNick: you dont know him 14:51 [All] Rahvin: did yall turn on each other 14:53 [Allies] BTNColNick: but you will 14:57 [Allies] Gosu: look what he did to you green 14:58 [Allies] falkenjeff: have fun coming all the way to canada 15:02 [Allies] BTNColNick: im in canada 15:03 [Allies] Gosu: he's making you kill your team 15:12 [Allies] Gosu: you're going to the 11th circle 15:13 [All] Coxinelle: green is mad that god hasn't granted him a bigger dick so he's taking it out on us 15:14 [Allies] BTNColNick: dont worry 15:20 [Allies] BTNColNick: youl hear alot of clicks before your gone 15:23 [Allies] falkenjeff: circles of hell dont exists 15:24 [Allies] Gosu: do you know the 11th circle ? 15:28 [Allies] BTNColNick: see if god doesnt save you then 15:28 [Allies] BTNColNick: =) 15:32 [All] Rahvin: poor guy 15:36 [Allies] falkenjeff: people dont burn forever either 15:39 [Allies] falkenjeff: they are consumed and die 15:41 [All] Coxinelle: please leave my voids alive so i can finish off green 15:44 [Allies] BTNColNick: i can deal with a loss but not a religious retard fucking my day up 15:49 [Allies] BTNColNick: wasting my time is something you dont do son 15:53 [Allies] Gosu: UH 15:54 [Allies] BTNColNick: you got about 1 week, 2 tops. 15:59 [Allies] BTNColNick: spend them happily i suggest 16:01 [Allies] BTNColNick: =) 16:02 [Allies] falkenjeff: k, kid 16:03 [All] Gosu: please leave a building alive 16:13 [All] Gosu: this is very intriguing 16:47 [All] Gosu: FUCK 17:23 [Allies] Gosu: ey cox what are you doing after this 17:24 [Allies] Coxinelle: green you are seriously the biggest shitbag ever 17:33 falkenjeff: so how old are you, really? lol 17:35 [Allies] Coxinelle: burning religious materials 17:38 [Allies] Gosu: LOL 17:44 [Allies] Gosu: lets party up dawg