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Newkirk District
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Player Match APM
getkilled 124
SCVKing 104
03:02 [All] getkilled: nice fe lol 03:06 [All] SCVKing: touche 03:37 [All] getkilled: what build is that? ive never seen somebody fe as terran with the base at front, arent you supply capped with only 1 depot? 03:42 [All] getkilled: 2 depots nvm 03:46 [All] SCVKing: hehe 03:51 [All] SCVKing: plus the cc finishing 03:53 [All] SCVKing: gives a lotta supply 03:54 [All] getkilled: yea 03:57 [All] getkilled: cc is +11? 04:02 [All] SCVKing: yes i think 05:37 [All] SCVKing: hmm 05:50 [All] getkilled: whats the hmm for 05:59 [All] SCVKing: fast lair 06:13 [All] getkilled: 8:30 standard? 06:17 [All] SCVKing: new standard 08:35 [All] SCVKing: bro 08:37 [All] SCVKing: thats a lot of lings 08:58 [All] getkilled: lol 09:41 [All] SCVKing: bro 09:43 [All] SCVKing: thats a lot of bings 10:48 [All] getkilled: early lair worked : ) 10:52 [All] SCVKing: how do yo uhave os many 10:57 [All] getkilled: had 3 bases