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Star Station
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00:04 [All] Aiden: glhf 00:10 [All] Grubby: glfh 01:17 [All] Aiden: WAIT 01:22 [All] Aiden: Your GM? 01:28 [All] Grubby: yes 01:32 [All] Aiden: oh my fuck 01:32 [All] Grubby: how'd you figure that out mid-match? 02:09 [All] Aiden: So 02:12 [All] Aiden: Your the real grubby? 02:14 [All] Grubby: yes 02:24 [All] Aiden: fuarrk 02:30 [All] Grubby: : ) 02:34 [All] Aiden: Big fan! 02:37 [All] Grubby: thanks! 06:25 [All] Aiden: haha 06:27 [All] Aiden: Well I'm a silver! 06:31 [All] Grubby: hehe :D 06:33 [All] Grubby: not bad 06:35 [All] Aiden: Can't believe I'm playing you! 06:41 [All] Aiden: gG! 06:43 [All] Grubby: gg