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Entombed Valley
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Player Match APM
ViperXk 128
Evert 123
00:10 [All] Evert: hi 00:12 [All] Evert: gl hf 00:35 [All] [Xk]ViperXk: btw, if your micro was better, you could win that one 00:49 [All] Evert: ur talking to me now 00:52 [All] Evert: XD 01:57 [All] Evert: lol 01:59 [All] Evert: ez lag 27:15 [All] [Xk]ViperXk: broken late game 27:16 [All] [Xk]ViperXk: tvp 27:17 [All] [Xk]ViperXk: :( 27:20 [All] Evert: :( 27:20 [All] [Xk]ViperXk: gg 27:22 [All] Evert: gg