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Antiga Shipyard
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Player Match APM
PotentiaL 311
Avandamet 141
00:13 [All] PotentiaL: gl 00:25 [All] Avandamet: glhf 03:02 [All] PotentiaL: how many probes? 03:07 [All] Avandamet: you kill? 03:09 [All] Avandamet: 0 03:10 [All] PotentiaL: ye 03:12 [All] PotentiaL: no 03:15 [All] PotentiaL: i killed more then 0 03:15 [All] Avandamet: yes lol 03:17 [All] PotentiaL: i was watching rofl 03:18 [All] Avandamet: i svaed every probe 03:21 [All] PotentiaL: no 03:24 [All] Avandamet: if you where watching 03:25 [All] Avandamet: why ask? 03:29 [All] Avandamet: check replay 03:31 [All] Avandamet: you didnt get 1 kill bro 03:33 [All] PotentiaL: :P 03:33 [All] PotentiaL: ok 03:51 [All] Avandamet: im too good 04:01 [All] PotentiaL: lol no sea player is good 04:04 [All] PotentiaL: im just beating weed to gm 04:06 [All] Avandamet: im not a sea player 04:07 [All] Avandamet: :-p 12:30 [All] Avandamet: ahh so we have a maphacker 12:31 [All] Avandamet: ok :) 12:33 [All] PotentiaL: lol 12:35 [All] PotentiaL: ovies? 12:41 [All] Avandamet: kekeke 12:45 [All] PotentiaL: watch replay 12:45 [All] PotentiaL: fool 12:54 [All] Avandamet: more instance then one fool 12:57 [All] Avandamet: its ok 13:00 [All] Avandamet: your bad and maphack 13:01 [All] Avandamet: what else is new 13:03 [All] PotentiaL: LOL 13:32 [All] Avandamet: bad people maphack 13:33 [All] Avandamet: NO WAY