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Korhal City
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Player Match APM
Calys 66
Coldnestea 116
00:04 [All] Calys: no ffe on this right 00:14 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: you don't really need to haha 00:25 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: your call though 00:31 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: i might do some early ling harassment 00:40 [All] Calys: didnt think so with the ramp so close to base 16:29 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: gj 17:48 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: gj man 17:52 [All] [WSJL]Coldnestea: deathball of doom