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Star Station
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Player Match APM
Naerok 293
Fleshspawn 185
00:03 [All] [Wildo]Master: gl 00:22 [All] Fleshspawn: gl hf re? 00:31 [All] [Wildo]Master: idk 00:43 [All] Fleshspawn: same guy same map 00:47 [All] [Wildo]Master: haha 00:56 [All] [Wildo]Master: i'm just learning terran 00:59 [All] [Wildo]Master: im so bad 01:00 [All] [Wildo]Master: zz 01:22 [All] [Wildo]Master: i go from being a gm zerg to a low masters terran 01:22 [All] [Wildo]Master: lol 01:26 [All] [Wildo]Master: T_T 12:15 [All] Fleshspawn: infestors aint what they used to be 12:17 [All] [Wildo]Master: yea 12:18 [All] [Wildo]Master: i know 12:19 [All] [Wildo]Master: =( 12:21 [All] Fleshspawn: also you pushed right before neural 12:27 [All] Fleshspawn: woudla helped if i coulda taken 5 of those thors 12:28 [All] [Wildo]Master: yea 12:29 [All] Fleshspawn: gg tho 12:30 [All] [Wildo]Master: haha 12:31 [All] [Wildo]Master: gg 12:31 [All] [Wildo]Master: =D