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Desolate Stronghold
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Player Match APM
LoLYouMadBro 142
Moonbeam 121
Predator 170
01:40 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: u got this 01:50 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: ur zerg partner will help dont worry 02:38 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: LOL u mad? 02:51 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: where u goingwith that cc 02:56 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: LOL that sucks bro 09:36 [All] [oGL]LoLYouMadBro: UR COMITTING TO UR ROACHES A BIT TOO MUCH CUTIE 11:04 [All] [GnB]CDZNUTS: dumbasses 11:16 [All] [GnB]CDZNUTS: jk 12:22 [All] [GnB]Predator: spire is almost done 12:24 [All] [GnB]Predator: just leave 12:29 [All] [GnB]Predator: gg wp 14:14 [All] Moonbeam: so gay