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Research Complex
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Player Match APM
Brobotics 87
NRS 104
DecoyOctopus 134
Laik 132
SupaCoolie 84
TGO 91
00:05 [All] [CSB]NRS: gl hf 00:17 [All] [CAK4CE]SupaCoolie: u2 00:27 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: thanks ima need it 00:29 [All] [CSB]NRS: usually i talk shit but idk yet 00:32 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: CAK4CE bitch clan 00:34 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: suk dik 00:51 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: suck dick have fun 00:53 [All] [CSB]NRS: rush me bro! 00:55 [All] TGO: u guys are bologni 00:57 [All] [CSB]DecoyOctopus: yeah bitch clan 01:01 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: COM AT ME BREH 01:24 [All] [CSB]NRS: ii want the GM 01:33 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: u want this dick? 01:34 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: k 04:06 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: ez 04:20 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: u guys can leave now 04:24 [All] TGO: gg 04:28 [All] [CSB]NRS: come at me bro 04:41 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: get some skilz noob 05:02 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: shut down HARD bitch 05:29 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: go back to 1v1 06:36 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: go home nub 06:54 [All] TGO: gg 06:57 [All] [CSB]Brobotics: gg 07:08 [All] [CSB]NRS: EZ 07:12 [All] [CSB]NRS: ALL DAY GM 07:14 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: umm see me 1v1? 07:17 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: haahhaah thought so 07:18 [All] [CSB]DecoyOctopus: grand master 200 07:19 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: noobs 07:19 [All] [CAK4CE]Laik: ez