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Whirlwind LE
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Player Match APM
Nesquik 295
MaSsSsDrOnEs 162
00:08 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: been sooo long 00:15 [All] [TASK]Nesquik: gl hf! 00:18 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: eat a dick 00:24 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: gl hf 00:44 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: i like turtles 00:49 [All] [TASK]Nesquik: you like dicks 00:59 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: and turtles 13:21 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: hmmm 13:25 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: mass rays work 13:27 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: not expecting that lol 13:28 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: gg 13:30 [All] [TASK]Nesquik: gg 13:42 [All] MaSsSsDrOnEs: am i laggingÉ 13:47 [All] [TASK]Nesquik: not really