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The Shattered Temple
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Anonymous 142
VultR 104
00:20 [All] VultR: gl 00:24 [All] ProTryHard: Our battle shall be one of glory. Good luck, friend, and may the warrior most formidable take this game. 00:36 [All] VultR: awww thanks 00:40 [All] ProTryHard: :) 01:31 [All] VultR: :D 01:35 [All] ProTryHard: D: 03:18 [All] VultR: hmm 03:29 [All] VultR: LOL 03:30 [All] VultR: g 03:30 [All] VultR: g 03:31 [All] VultR: :D 03:32 [All] ProTryHard: :D 03:32 [All] ProTryHard: gg