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Zerus Prime TE
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10:04 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: why everone is playing gay mech 10:11 [All] joopajoo: cos its the only one viable 10:14 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: noi 10:15 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: no 10:21 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: your apm is just too low and y ou suck 10:24 [All] joopajoo: :DDD 10:24 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: thats why 10:27 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: son of goody 10:32 [All] joopajoo: nice 2 rax reaper 10:34 [All] joopajoo: in to whining :D 10:40 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: normal opening 10:43 [All] joopajoo: :DDD 10:54 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: :DDDDDDD autism? 10:57 [All] joopajoo: :DD 11:00 [All] joopajoo: how mad 11:02 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: german nazi shit 15:47 [All] [IMPG]Fruttis: you're deffinetly autistic shit from germany