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Derelict Watcher TE
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Player Match APM
ArtOfRandom 63
GeorgeI 95
00:02 [All] ArtOfRandom: gl hf 00:04 [All] GeorgeI: gl hf 00:17 [All] GeorgeI: lol art of random 00:20 [All] ArtOfRandom: Quite. 00:27 [All] ArtOfRandom: And dont do the "Art of Cheese" joke 00:29 [All] ArtOfRandom: Been done to death 00:31 [All] ArtOfRandom: And I am not like that 00:50 [All] GeorgeI: lol im sure lol u picked the name 00:58 [All] ArtOfRandom: That I did. 04:39 [All] GeorgeI: u are cheesing me lol 04:50 [All] ArtOfRandom: No. I am doing something very originial 04:55 [All] ArtOfRandom: That is the art of random 05:04 [All] GeorgeI: lol ya ya whatever 05:18 [All] GeorgeI: lol cheese man gg