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Backwater Gulch
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Player Match APM
desRow 156
FameToFlame 230
00:06 [All] VTdesRow: glhf^^ 00:13 [All] FameToFlame: ggl 00:36 [All] FameToFlame: can you teahc me toss? 00:49 [All] VTdesRow: desrowfighting.com for your coaching needs 00:54 [All] FameToFlame: :D 00:58 [All] VTdesRow: =) 01:10 [All] FameToFlame: guess i need to find someone else to teach me 01:15 [All] FameToFlame: how to bounce my head on the keyboard^^ 01:18 [All] VTdesRow: ^^ 03:07 [All] VTdesRow: gg