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Xel'Naga Caverns
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Player Match APM
Mstrkrft 143
Banchan 183
00:06 [All] Banchan: hi gl 00:09 [All] Mstrkrft: leave 00:10 [All] Mstrkrft: right 00:11 [All] Mstrkrft: now 00:17 [All] Mstrkrft: i will shit all over you 00:21 [All] Mstrkrft: newb toss 00:28 [All] Banchan: y u r so mad 00:36 [All] Mstrkrft: beat me off race 00:41 [All] Mstrkrft: now its time to rape the fuck out of you 00:52 [All] Mstrkrft: ez 08:11 [All] Banchan: u r so bad