THCendCANCER,moonshadow VS freeKill,ghanjahman 16 Jul, 2017 3:27 am


Clan: cbdn
Rank: 0
Server Rank: -
Global Rank: -
Apm: 52
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: -
Global Rank: -
Apm: 57
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Clan: tfnbs
Rank: 0
Server Rank: -
Global Rank: -
Apm: 116
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Clan: HNM
Rank: 0
Server Rank: -
Global Rank: -
Apm: 29
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Player Time Message
freeKill 00:16 hi
ghanjahman 00:23 hey
freeKill 00:25 are we silver team?
ghanjahman 00:33 gold
freeKill 00:38 :/
ghanjahman 00:53 almost platinum if i stop loosing
freeKill 01:21 cc first
freeKill 01:28 then bio drop
freeKill 01:45 ?????
freeKill 01:53 u can tell me cannon rush
freeKill 02:07 i would help
ghanjahman 02:16 maybe...prob just buyin time with distract
ghanjahman 03:06 fak
ghanjahman 08:37 well they prob goin air
freeKill 09:24 BANSHEE
ghanjahman 12:16 fak
ghanjahman 14:16 rude
freeKill 15:51 CAN U MAKE UNITS
freeKill 15:58 IF YOU DONT MIND
freeKill 16:05 for example
freeKill 16:12 what about phoenix?
freeKill 16:22 may be they are good vs mutas
freeKill 16:46 or u can watch and expect me win alone
freeKill 17:53 LİFT
freeKill 18:15 wher are you going
freeKill 18:57 LİFT
ghanjahman 19:02 go
THCendCANCER 21:52 so purple you are mostly cheesy
THCendCANCER 21:57 nice
THCendCANCER 22:15 and FE noob
THCendCANCER 23:29 and i had the worst ally

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