SlimePro VS ultimatekc 09 Aug, 2017 8:02 am


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Server Rank: 41900
Global Rank: 83711
Apm: 41
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 46143
Global Rank: 92411
Apm: 58
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Player Time Message
SlimePro 00:09 gl hf
ultimatekc 01:28 fuck off
SlimePro 01:35 lol
SlimePro 01:50 ever heard of cheese
ultimatekc 01:54 Get out of here
ultimatekc 01:56 with your BS
SlimePro 02:11 thats not how cheesing works
ultimatekc 02:25 if you're gonna cheese your way up the ladder might as well stop playing
SlimePro 02:43 thats just what people do
ultimatekc 02:53 bronze players
ultimatekc 02:54 yes
SlimePro 02:58 no
ultimatekc 03:05 well you're bronze so guess what
SlimePro 03:21 well
SlimePro 03:27 I do what I see fit
ultimatekc 03:37 and you're gonna stay bronze with cheese fam

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