soundsgood,Dinma VS tranquilizer,LOADBLASTER 10 Aug, 2017 7:12 am


Clan: 3ke
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 3126
Global Rank: 6222
Apm: 180
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Clan: I0C
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 831
Global Rank: 1485
Apm: 328
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 7739
Global Rank: 15766
Apm: 124
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 978
Global Rank: 1784
Apm: 284
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Player Time Message
soundsgood 00:07 hi
Dinma 00:07 roach or lingfs?
soundsgood 00:09 hfgl
soundsgood 00:11 roach
Dinma 08:35 i go sh
Dinma 08:38 maybe he go muta
LOADBLASTER 15:36 sigh
LOADBLASTER 15:40 dumb design

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