Brodel VS Ryz 09 Aug, 2017 5:43 pm


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Player Time Message
Brodel 00:22 glhf , i am gonna die
Ryz 00:36 please don't die... just lose
Brodel 00:44 lol , i will lsoe soooo bad.
Ryz 01:05 with the 12 pool?
Brodel 01:12 and what is that ?
Ryz 01:24 inorite
Brodel 04:38 lol.. oh damn
Brodel 08:32 told you :/
Ryz 08:52 yeah... your opening is not very good
Brodel 09:03 lol. i have barely played this game
Ryz 09:26 you're doing good so far
Ryz 09:38 zerg has to be more "macro" oriented
Ryz 09:42 probably you already know tht
Brodel 09:43 no need to lie
Brodel 10:00 i suck and you won with the reaper
Brodel 10:13 for glory !
Brodel 10:30 gg man

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