atstek VS aureux 12 Nov, 2017 12:49 pm


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Server Rank: 82277
Global Rank: 213098
Apm: 64
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 83690
Global Rank: 216495
Apm: 88
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Player Time Message
atstek 00:09 gl hf
aureux 00:11 hi
aureux 00:12 same
aureux 13:23 GG
aureux 13:29 can you mentor me?
atstek 13:40 yes
aureux 13:52 i've played LoL for a while
aureux 14:07 but i like SC2 better bc you dont depend on a team
atstek 14:13 oops)
aureux 14:14 and it has more skill stuff
atstek 14:15 no
aureux 14:20 o.o
aureux 14:22 yes or no?
atstek 14:24 i m noob)
atstek 14:26 no

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