Jimtoni VS llllllllllll 06 Dec, 2017 2:56 am


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Server Rank: 1081
Global Rank: 3232
Apm: 246
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Server Rank: 396
Global Rank: 1374
Apm: 152
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Player Time Message
Jimtoni 00:03 gl fh
llllllllllll 00:06 salW
llllllllllll 11:21 that is a terrible build
Jimtoni 11:25 ty
Jimtoni 11:37 do you have any good builds I can learn?
llllllllllll 11:38 what do you do if I actually force field like I should've?
Jimtoni 11:47 I dunno
llllllllllll 11:51 kek

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