DryWater VS Onkelelak 22 Mar, 2019 12:01 pm


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Player Time Message
DryWater 00:12 Perfect map for nydus play.
DryWater 00:19 You know what awaits you.
Onkelelak 00:23 thx
DryWater 00:31 l hate niggers.
DryWater 00:38 For olphactive reasons.
DryWater 01:04 l'm 12 pooling btw
Onkelelak 01:11 okko
DryWater 01:20 what do u think about blacks ?
Onkelelak 01:30 no problem with them
DryWater 01:33 why
DryWater 01:39 they commit the most crimes
DryWater 01:44 and are dumber on average
Onkelelak 01:57 haha
DryWater 02:01 it's statistics
DryWater 02:05 you can look it up on google
DryWater 02:38 is empirical knowledge racism ?
Onkelelak 02:56 wrong forum mate
DryWater 08:51 why scan mate
DryWater 08:57 invasion of privacy
Onkelelak 16:11 gg
DryWater 16:12 ez

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