Aaron VS BionicGiblet 25 Apr, 2019 11:56 am


Clan: Inflow
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 34719
Global Rank: 89171
Apm: 135
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 6360
Global Rank: 16812
Apm: 144
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Player Time Message
BionicGiblet 00:04 hf
Aaron 00:08 you too bud
BionicGiblet 11:52 well played
Aaron 11:55 GG
BionicGiblet 12:15 not sure what i could do different
BionicGiblet 12:18 how do people stop this?
BionicGiblet 12:29 carrier rush is fine but with all the voids it makes it less clear
Aaron 12:30 i have a pretty good winrate
Aaron 12:35 but
Aaron 12:38 usually corruptors
BionicGiblet 12:45 just more i guess
BionicGiblet 12:45 gg
Aaron 12:47 and killing buildings with them and just having a ton
BionicGiblet 12:52 i see

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