MCMXCVI VS AlphaStar 25 Apr, 2019 9:23 pm


Rank: 0
Server Rank: 966
Global Rank: 2136
Apm: 321
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: 3714
Global Rank: 8950
Apm: 201
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Player Time Message
AlphaStar 00:14 tvt trash
AlphaStar 00:22 retarded match
MCMXCVI 00:32 Could be zvz
AlphaStar 00:39 retarded lotv
AlphaStar 00:41 idiots devsi
MCMXCVI 00:57 you should pick another game to master
AlphaStar 01:03 wut
AlphaStar 01:06 are you stupid
AlphaStar 01:09 i was 5400 mmr
AlphaStar 01:17 beatean 80 gm
MCMXCVI 01:27 is that supposed to be good?
AlphaStar 01:30 idiiot devs dont patahc the game
AlphaStar 01:36 this games is about clicking onyl
AlphaStar 01:43 you idiot what is your max mmr
MCMXCVI 01:47 if you hate it quit is what i mean
AlphaStar 01:52 retard
AlphaStar 01:54 die in fire
AlphaStar 01:55 faggort
MCMXCVI 02:02 you must be a joy
MCMXCVI 02:04 irk
MCMXCVI 02:06 irl
AlphaStar 03:40 wtf
AlphaStar 03:47 coinflip
AlphaStar 04:00 reta4de amtach
AlphaStar 04:10 everygame this coinflippy trahs
AlphaStar 04:23 repare nade so dumb
AlphaStar 07:01 all unca do
AlphaStar 07:48 u terribl;e
AlphaStar 10:35 worst ever
AlphaStar 11:03 sacking idiot
AlphaStar 26:18 u trhas
AlphaStar 26:19 getout
MCMXCVI 26:27 quite the game
MCMXCVI 26:28 gg

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