grimblin VS EpidemiK 09 Jun, 2019 8:11 pm


Apm: 106
MMR: 2943
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Clan: SmokeH
Apm: 106
MMR: 3021
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Player Time Message
grimblin 00:04 gl hf
EpidemiK 00:07 wudup, i have a grimblin
EpidemiK 00:15 a green one
grimblin 00:28 nice
EpidemiK 00:37 i call him the green grimblinbim
EpidemiK 00:55 or bungalanga for short
grimblin 01:06 what about wiggles
EpidemiK 01:13 whats that
grimblin 01:24 for name
EpidemiK 01:34 whats a name>
EpidemiK 01:36 ?
EpidemiK 02:14 yum
EpidemiK 03:18 hmm
EpidemiK 03:57 mad lag for me
grimblin 08:23 :(

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