ZeCroiSSanT VS epicvoid 10 Jun, 2019 7:52 pm


Clan: PlsDie
Apm: 110
MMR: 2939
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Clan: ttvBTW
Apm: 155
MMR: 2889
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Player Time Message
ZeCroiSSanT 00:02 glhf
epicvoid 00:12 glh
epicvoid 00:13 f
epicvoid 00:26 m new to terran lol
ZeCroiSSanT 00:29 cool
ZeCroiSSanT 00:54 it's a fun race
epicvoid 00:57 it is
epicvoid 01:02 but i hate tvt
ZeCroiSSanT 01:05 same lol
epicvoid 01:11 tanks on tanks
ZeCroiSSanT 01:20 mhm
ZeCroiSSanT 24:56 gg
ZeCroiSSanT 24:57 wp

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