Enigma VS llllllllllll 23 Jun, 2019 10:58 am


Clan: NPhase
Rank: 0
Server Rank: 2698
Global Rank: 7160
Apm: 249
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Rank: 0
Server Rank: -
Global Rank: -
Apm: 193
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Player Time Message
Enigma 00:08 you gonna chez me too!?
llllllllllll 00:11 hes
llllllllllll 00:12 yes
Enigma 00:20 of course
llllllllllll 00:23 12 pool
llllllllllll 00:27 w/ drones of course
Enigma 00:37 why i even bother asking
llllllllllll 00:42 yeah...
llllllllllll 00:49 kind of dumb to ask
Enigma 01:34 i went 4 hatch before pool
Enigma 01:37 i just gg?
llllllllllll 01:39 lies
llllllllllll 01:41 not enough minerals
llllllllllll 04:07 damn, maybe I shouldn't reveal my plan
llllllllllll 04:10 at the start of the game
Enigma 04:11 lol
llllllllllll 04:12 gg
Enigma 04:13 i didn't know

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