wolfsha VS MatisS 13 Aug, 2019 1:13 am


Clan: TheDOH
Apm: 166
MMR: 3493
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Clan: Solary
Apm: 239
MMR: 3416
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Player Time Message
MatisS 00:11 glhf
wolfsha 00:13 gl hf
MatisS 00:27 are you M terran >?
wolfsha 00:30 d3
wolfsha 00:33 masters protoss
MatisS 00:34 a ok
MatisS 00:36 nice
MatisS 00:39 im zerg
MatisS 00:40 btw
wolfsha 00:44 kk
wolfsha 00:49 ty
wolfsha 00:51 btw against protoss
wolfsha 00:54 say it right at the start
MatisS 00:58 haha
wolfsha 00:59 we need to know before we place first pylon
wolfsha 01:06 you have no idea how annoyed it makes me
wolfsha 01:09 when i am against p
wolfsha 01:12 and have a nat wall
MatisS 01:13 haha
wolfsha 01:18 it is insta lose
wolfsha 01:20 not even joking
wolfsha 01:24 3 gate robo kills that
MatisS 01:28 yeah
MatisS 01:34 i kinda love pvp
wolfsha 01:45 to each there own
MatisS 01:47 because i win alot
wolfsha 01:48 i prefer pvt and pvz
wolfsha 01:50 lol
wolfsha 02:10 pvz is my best mu
MatisS 02:16 nice
MatisS 02:20 then im dead
wolfsha 02:31 not realy
wolfsha 02:35 terran production i dont understaned
MatisS 02:35 ahh
wolfsha 03:37 floating 300 and idk why
MatisS 03:43
wolfsha 03:59 ahh now i know
wolfsha 04:03 all myproduction buildings are late
wolfsha 04:07 lol
wolfsha 06:10 god im a great terran
MatisS 06:16 yeha
wolfsha 09:30 nice
MatisS 09:52 tnx
wolfsha 15:59 HEY
wolfsha 16:02 oops caps
wolfsha 16:03 finaly some dmg
MatisS 16:09 can grats
wolfsha 16:23 lmao, my splits
wolfsha 16:24 gg

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