Inbum VS Eleven 13 Aug, 2019 5:18 am


Apm: 99
MMR: 0
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Clan: PTHero
Apm: 148
MMR: 3837
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Player Time Message
Eleven 10:32 i thought we were macro game\
Inbum 11:56 im sure u can afford all that too dumbass
Eleven 12:03 huh
Inbum 12:08 youre trash.
Eleven 12:15 says the guy who cant macro?
Inbum 12:21 youre garbage.
Eleven 12:27 im the diamond
Inbum 12:33 youre the loser.
Eleven 12:40 why u mad bro?
Inbum 13:48 dumbass loser.

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