Mabadixt VS wolfsha 13 Aug, 2019 8:34 am


Clan: dLife1
Apm: 165
MMR: 4537
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Clan: TheDOH
Apm: 141
MMR: 4373
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Player Time Message
wolfsha 00:03 gl hf
Mabadixt 00:03 gl hf
Mabadixt 00:23 now I have a promise to keep
Mabadixt 00:30 so I can't play badly ;-;
wolfsha 00:31 what promise?
Mabadixt 00:41 i'll put up a challenge for you
Mabadixt 00:59 atleast try my best
wolfsha 01:01 im sure you will
Mabadixt 01:09 really not feeling confident right now
Mabadixt 01:14 I can win, but I typicall
wolfsha 01:16 ahh shit, missed a double cliff thast not a double cliff
Mabadixt 01:18 dont' do multirpong anymore
wolfsha 01:46 new maps are a pain for toss
Mabadixt 01:49 good
Mabadixt 01:51
wolfsha 02:04 need to figure out what and how to wall
wolfsha 03:27 finaly
Mabadixt 03:33 I messed up
Mabadixt 03:39 my micro
wolfsha 03:43 so did i
wolfsha 03:46 i lost 2 probes
Mabadixt 03:51 3 I think
wolfsha 03:52 dw about it
wolfsha 04:10 rpboably
wolfsha 04:42 cancled blink to get charge, that was bloody stupid
Mabadixt 04:58 forgot my third gas
Mabadixt 05:01 bunker
Mabadixt 05:03 3rd rax
Mabadixt 05:05 depo
wolfsha 05:07 lol, rip
wolfsha 05:08 it happes
wolfsha 05:17 your rusty
Mabadixt 05:20 not reall
Mabadixt 05:49 supply blocked
wolfsha 05:52 same
wolfsha 07:30 900 mineral bank
wolfsha 07:30 gg

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