Mabadixt VS wolfsha 13 Aug, 2019 8:50 am


Clan: dLife1
Apm: 181
MMR: 4537
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Clan: TheDOH
Apm: 162
MMR: 4373
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Player Time Message
Mabadixt 00:06 loco por un poco de magia
Mabadixt 00:07 gl hf
wolfsha 00:12 gl hf
Mabadixt 00:26 whats the problem
Mabadixt 00:28 with this map
Mabadixt 00:31 ?
wolfsha 00:31 tank pushes
wolfsha 00:35 between nat and third
Mabadixt 00:48 you have high ground
Mabadixt 00:57 oh nm i see the wedge
wolfsha 01:00 yea
wolfsha 01:03 if they get there
wolfsha 01:04 you die
Mabadixt 01:05 you see
Mabadixt 01:07 new repugnancy?
Mabadixt 01:15 if you take third below / above nat
Mabadixt 01:22 I will make you cry
wolfsha 01:32 firstly
wolfsha 01:34 i vetod new rep
Mabadixt 01:42 in the base
Mabadixt 01:47 below / above
Mabadixt 01:49 theres a wedge
Mabadixt 01:51 you can place a tank
Mabadixt 01:56 it can his
Mabadixt 02:00 hit* the third
wolfsha 02:10 between the nat and third?
wolfsha 02:15 or above third?
Mabadixt 02:16 third and fourth
Mabadixt 03:21 mistakes have been made
wolfsha 03:24 ?
wolfsha 04:33 i realy dont know what im suposed to do with those 2 adepts
wolfsha 05:01 like when to comit and stuff
Mabadixt 11:04 wtf
wolfsha 11:22 helly ea for drop sqauds
Mabadixt 11:39 thats just bs
Mabadixt 11:44 you had 4 stalkers
Mabadixt 11:47 and I had 2 medivacs both dropping
wolfsha 11:49 focus fired the medi
Mabadixt 11:52 and only 3 marienes get out
Mabadixt 11:54 from both
wolfsha 12:04 plus 2 stalkers are strong
wolfsha 12:24 also
wolfsha 12:29 they got more shots off cause of air space
wolfsha 14:27 gg

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